Everything for the Lawn & Garden

Location: Hwy. 68 North
Mail:  1045 N Jefferson
Saint James, MO 65559
Toll Free - 1-800-625-3166


Winter Hours
Mon - Fri  8:30 am-- 4 pm

Sat 9 am--4 pm

(starting Jan 21)

Spring/Summer Hours

Mon-Sat8 am--6 pm

Sun 1--6 pm

(starting Feb 28)

We are a full-line Garden Center with experience in servicing our gardening friends and helping them with their gardening problems since 1974. We carry Nursery Stock, Landscape Stone,Seed (both pre-packed and bulk) Annuals, Vegetable Plants, Perennials, Roses, Decorative Stone and Wood Mulch, Water Garden Supplies, Ferti-Lome Chemicals and Fertilizers, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

All of our Vegtable Plants are grown on site in our own Greenhouses.  No growth regulaters are used on our plants! 

We grow about 40 varieties Tomatoes and 20 varieties of Peppers (Sweet & Hot).  You may obtain a copy of this list by stopping by the Garden Center during business hours.


Welcome to Stanley's Garden Center!

Starting February  18, 2017, I will be holding a series of seminars on Gardening and Gardening topics.  There will be no charge and everyone is welcome. There will be 4 seminars on consecutive Saturdays at 10 AM.  Meeting location is Stanley's Garden Center, Hwy 68 N, St James.

Topics covered will include starting seed indoors, planting times, timely garden care, fruit trees & berry plants, roses, pests, and any topic attendees are interested in.

Hope to see you there! 

  • Now is a good time to use Hi-Yield Weed and Gass Preventer on all perennial beds, bulbs, ground covers, and other planting areas to eliminate weed seed from growing. Hu-Yield Weed and Grass Preventer is 90 percent effective against weed seed germination. If planting with seed, wait until seedlings are six weeks old before applying.


February is Lawn fix-up time!

If your lawn isn't as thick as you wish, then early February is the time to do something about it.  In early February you can overseed your lawn and the freezing and thawing action will get the seed in closer contact with soil so more seed will germinate and grow.

Our house blend of grass seed, Stanley's Premium Lawn Mix, is formulated to thrive in Sun and Shade plus stand up to the extremes of our Missouri weather.  Also Stanley's Premium Lawn Mix has proven itself in lawns for over 25 years.

So whether you just need to improve your existing lawn or seed a new lawn then Stanley's Premium Lawn Mix is the seed for you!